Community Approach

I was born and raised in the new district of 44B. I believe in the power of people and that the interests of our communities are communicated to our representatives through the voices of its citizens. As your delegate I pledge my time and personal effort to engaging with you in every way possible in order to represent the concerns of district in Annapolis.     

I have not just seen our communities grow I have lived through the advancement of my home town. We have an opportunity as a community to elect local representatives that will put our communities and neighborhoods first. Being elected the new delegate of district 44B doesn't just mean an opportunity to represent a district, but the opportunity to represent the only home I've ever known. Together we can ensure that district 44B has a voice that is informed and guided by the people that live within it's boarders.      


While Maryland has been ranked #1 in education for five years running we must continue to work to advance the cause of education in all districts. This means ensuring that teachers have the resources needed to educate and that schools have the proper facilities to accommodate their students. We must continue to focus on the advancement of our public education system in order to secure the success of Maryland’s future leaders.


Our environment is our most precious resource and we must stay steadfast in our efforts to protect it. I will work to advance the protection of our bay and water shed by providing the Department of Natural Resources the tools they need to enforce state regulations and find reasonable ways to comply with federal mandates.

Public Safety

Strong communities are safe communities. It is not enough to simply leave the safety of our neighborhoods up to the local Police. I will fight to ensure that local law enforcement have the proper equipment to combat crime in our district, but we must be active stewards of our communities to deter would be criminals from making victims of our neighbors. The security of our homes and loved ones can only be secured through the combined effort of citizens and their government.