If you reside in my district and would like to apply for the Maryland House of Delegates Scholarship Program, please check back in the beginning of next year. Generally, our application process begins in January and closes by the end of April.

College scholarships are available subject to funds allocated from the State Scholarship Administration. Please note that, if awarded, the scholarship funds must be used at a Maryland school or university (unless your major qualifies under the “Unique Major” program). In addition, state law requires you to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits per semester.

A Scholarship Committee has been formed to review all applications. Scholastic performance have top priority, but we take into consideration family affordability. The committee will require a completed application and a full, official (sealed) transcript from your current educational institution(s). The application and transcript must be received no later than May 1st.

The Application and transcripts can be mailed to:

Delegate Pat Young

Attn: Delegate Scholarship

306 House Office Building

6 Bladen Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

The Committee’s recommendations will be presented to me over the summer. Scholarship recipients will then be notified of their award prior to Fall Semester 2016.

It is advisable that you file the Federal 2015-16 Financial Aid Packet. This packet is available in the guidance office of your school. You may be eligible to receive a General State, Senatorial, or Federal Scholarship.

Whatever the outcome, let me assure you that I am always available for assistance. I wish you success in your chosen field of study and your future endeavors.




Delegate Pat Young